March 9, 2011

"Base For Your Face" Second by Second Play By Play

Note To Readers: I'm actually typing all of this as I'm listening to this song for the first time. Amazing, right? *clicks play*

0:03 - Definitely, definitely can't be mad at a Public Enemy sample.

0:15 - Off the bat I really feel like I'm gonna like this song even though I really want to hate it. Not necessarily hate it, but with Lil B's lyrical mediocrity I find it hard to like anything this dude's apart of. But anywho...

0:32 - Jean Grae: "Thank you based God." Wow, lol.

1:18 - Lil B's verse wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. I know that's super vague but hey that's life. It was cool. It made sense. I just feel like with the stuff he's released so far it kinda takes you by surprise when you hear Lil B rapping about some legit stuff. So I guess I'm still digesting it all. Hopefully there's a second verse to weigh in on.

1:42 - I always get crazy excited when I hear a female rapper actually RAPPING. I know Jean Grae isn't the only genuine female rapper out but it's like digging for gold when it comes to real female rappers.

2:30 - Verse #Winning.

3:03 - Sometimes when I hear Lil B rapping I actually see Mike Tyson rapping. Not really sure where that comes from.

3:13 - Still wasn't terribly impressed by Lil B but it is pretty much better than everything else I've heard from him.

3:26 - "We gonna make 'em mad on this one nigga." In Charlie Sheen voice: Duhhhhh.

3:43 - Okay, we all know Phonte can rap so I'm gonna go ahead and wrap this play by play up so I can enjoy the rest of the song and this amazing 9th Wonder beat without typing furiously.

Click here to listen to "Base For Your Face."