November 28, 2010

2010 Christmas Wish List

I both love and hate writing my annual Christmas wish list. I love it because it's actually kind of fun writing out a list of things I wouldn't mind having and I hate it because chances are I won't be getting any of these things. Hmm, maybe I should create a 2010 Christmas wish list PayPal donation page. Joking of course...But it would be nice if a really, really rich and generous person was reading this. LOL!


For quite some time I had absolutely no desire to have one of these. I really enjoy going to Barnes & Noble and browsing through the books so when the e-readers came out I thought they were pretty dumb. Here we are about a year or so later and now it's on my Christmas wish list. Go figure.

Reebok EasyTone Sneakers

I do a lot of walking for exercise so I really want a pair of sneakers that help tone while you walk. Originally I wanted the Skechers Shape-Ups, but them things are ugly as hell! Reebok's EasyTone sneakers look way better and right now they're on sale so they're actually cheaper than the Shape-Ups.

GAP Gift Card

I used to be obsessed with The Gap back in high school and now they're back on my list of favorite stores. I love accessories so the simplicity of their clothing works well for that. And I've gotten some true gems back in their clearance section.

Vera Wang Princess Perfect Pair

I purchased the Vera Wang Princess gift set from TJ Maxx late last year and one of the products included in the set was this (amazing) perfume rollerball/lip gloss combo. Unfortunately, although there's some lip gloss left there's no longer any perfume in the rollerball. I still like the scent so I'd definitely like to get my hands on another Vera Wang Princess rollerball/lip gloss perfect pair.

Tickets To The December 27 Falcons/Saints Game And Falcons Jersey

This game is going to be absolutely crazyyyy! Right now the Atlanta Falcons boast an impressive 9-2 record and the Saints are one of our biggest rivals. And you know I have to get my jersey game on point if I plan on checking that game out ;-)

Nikon 10.2 Megapixel Digital SLR Camera

I'm becoming more and more interested in photography and if I do plan on experimenting in that field then my Samsung digital camera isn't gonna cut it. I'm gonna need something with a little more "oomph."

Chanel Bag

I've been scouring Ebay for a minute now looking for a reasonably priced (REAL) Chanel bag that's suitable for everyday wear. No luck thus far, but hopefully that'll change during the holidays.

Well, that pretty much wraps it up but don't be too surprised if I post a Part 2 to this list because I really feel like I missed a few things.