March 26, 2009

National Jump A Turnstile Day

I'm sure everyone who lives and/or works in New York City is well aware of the MTA's "Doomsday Plan". The ominous plan, which received a final vote yesterday, will raise one way fares on the MTA from $2 to $2.50, an extremely ridiculous increase! And monthly Metro Cards will be increased from $81 to $103!!!

Not only is the MTA increasing prices drastically, but they also plan on cutting service. That's why I'm proclaiming June 1, the day the fair hikes will begin, National Jump A Turnstile Day. So if you're catching the train to work, school, Starbucks, etc. you better jump that turnstile or if your turnstile-jumping skills aren't quite up to par feel free to just slide your way into one of the exit doors you see ladies with baby carriages exiting out of. Now who's with me?!