January 13, 2011

I Need This In My Life...

I consider myself a popcorn connoisseur and Garrett's popcorn is pretty much the creme de la creme of popcorn. I used to always get their popcorn when I was in New York and I made sure I bought a bag during my recent trip up there. The thing that sucks about Garrett's is they only have stores in New York City and Chicago so if you live outside of those cities you have to buy their popcorn online and their prices are RI-DIC-U-LOUS!!! A gallon tin of the Chicago Mix (cheese and caramel) costs $31! And that doesn't even include tax and shipping.

Although I can't picture myself spending $40 on popcorn I know I'm going to give in eventually. The craving is just too strong :-( But if I do and the popcorn tastes nothing like it does when you purchase it at a store please believe that I'll be writing a scathing entry on here. So you better be on point Garrett's!