February 22, 2010

Handbag Diaries: My Bag's Famous!

I'm sure most of you remember watching the film Cloverfield (and dealing with the headache afterward). Well, one of the bag's a character in the film wore is actually today's featured bag! Yay! My bag is famous sucka's! Take that all you bagnista's!

Ironically enough although the bag was worn by an actress in a major film, I actually bought it at Target. Yep, Targay. It couldn't have been more than $25. I really liked the grey-leaf pattern on the bag and the yellow leather-looking handles. Only thing is it got dirty pretty quickly because of the light colors so I haven't worn it in well over a year. And I'm kind of scared to wash it since it is just a handbag. Any bagnista's out there have any handbag washing tips/techniques?

Oh P.S. I Googled like a mad woman but I still couldn't find a screencap of the chic wearing my bag in the movie :-\